Website design and development

Website Design and Development

Do you want  your products  to get sold even when you are sleeping?? ?? If yes, then without a second thought bring your business  online by having a beautiful website.

Pandemic has been a game changer for many online businesses. The report shows that the number of hours Australian  people spend on the internet has increased from 5 hours to 60 hours 13 minutes. This has lead to over 5 million people in Australia to participate in online shopping.

That means, it’s high time to bring your business online.  When it comes to online shopping, a GrowthOps consumer survey revealed that Australians (Australiansd) have a clear preference when it comes to online purchase, not only about products but with respect to website design, policies and trust.

So to have a website for your online presence is must, which also keeps running your business 24*7.  Mark Evan, EOC of Dreamscape Networks-owner of crazy domains stated that the website and its continuous improvements are an efficient and affordable way to bring your business online.



5 important benefits of having a website for your business

  • Larger audience reach due to website accessibility 24/7
  • Brand awareness
  • Affordable way of promotion of your business
  • Customer interests by tracing their behaviour on website
  • Easy customer service


But mind it, just having a website is also not  enough, it should be appealing to your visitors and user friendly.

 For that your website should be a good blend of web design and web development. Design determines the look and feel of the website, while development determines its function.

 A good design is a combination of colour, layout, font, images. Web development consists of front end and back end development

 Front end development helps in implementing the chosen design with the help of coding language like HTML, CSS, and javascript. This guides your users through their interaction with buttons, images, texts, contact form, etc.

 Whatever the interaction happening at the front side will be stored in the database server in the backend.

 To make your visitors stay longer on the website, make buying decisions and keep coming back to you again and again you need to consider six main elements of design.


It’s an arrangement of website menu, content, graphics, and footer. Set them according to they type of service and product you offer

 Visual appearance

 The visual appearance of the website should be appealing and readable. It is the process of determining  the aesthetics aspect stand out using colour, graphics and images


 Keep the navigation effective and simple so that users can search the information they are looking for easily.


Use the colour on your website that best describes your brand and product. Whatever colour you are using, it should be consistent.


The logos, icons you are using on website should be compatible with the colours, and layout of the website


The most important aspect in the age of super high speed internet. If the speed of your internet is slow, then within the seconds the visitor will leave.

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