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DWIT is a leading web hosting service provider in Australia, offering web hosting services to all our clients. Our hosting service providers help in the distribution of space for the business websites on the web server, where the files that are associated with hosting are stored. Web hosting allows you to add your files to your website so that all your potential customers can learn about your business via accessing the web at the same time. Every website that is available view online is managed by a host on their web server. A specific amount of space is allocated to each website on the server. This amount for your website depends on the type of hosting provider that you choose.

Some of the main hosting types that DWIT offer include committed, shared, VPS and reseller. These provisions are mainly separated by the technology that is being used for the webserver, along with management and the services that are additionally offered.


Web hosting is a service by which companies and individuals can post content or images to their website or a web page through the internet. A web hosting provider refers to a business-offering technology and services, that help in the enhancement of the visibility and customer conversion rate for a business website or the web page. Servers refer to the special computers that store or host the same business websites. A user can only access and view a website if he has a valid web address or a digital domain in their browser so that their computer can connect to the server and provide access to the web pages through their browsers using the internet.

If you are looking for a unique online presence, web hosting is the best option for you. There has been a huge advancement in the number of web hosting providers available online and promising you to offer the best hosting services for all the digital needs of your business. These providers mainly offer various free plans with very limited options or cater the plans as per your business requirements but charge you a huge amount of money.

At DWIT, we generate the customised web hosting services for all our clients, that are completely based on their business goals and requirements. However, the main thing that makes us stand out from the crowd and provides us a better market value than our competitors is that our services are designed as per our clients’ budget and based on their vision for their website. We have no hidden costs that will come as a surprise during the process, as we generate a contract with the exact price of the service at the beginning of the project.

Choosing the right hosting plan and provider for your business is one of the hardest tasks, as it is responsible to assure the correct resource allocation for your business websites, which further increases the loading speed and reliability of your website. Due to the advancements in technology and the effects of the COVID pandemic, owning a digital presence for your business has become a requirement, if you wish to succeed and maintain your presence in the market. The loading speed of your website and the possibility of providing the specific information to your consumers is very important to maintain your customer database and increase the conversion rate. A visitor at your website is likely to become a customer if the website loads within 3 seconds, and if they find the suitable information on the webpage within the given time. If your website takes longer to load, the potential customer will quickly move to an alternative website to find the desired results. At DWIT, we ensure the efficiency of your website, minimise the loading time, and guide the visitors to the specific content on the webpage that they are looking for.

If you are a new business owner, looking for someone to help you start the digital business or lack knowledge about the web hosting services’ benefits, our experts at DWIT can help you by providing suitable solutions for all your technical queries. Our experts are not inspired by the amount of money that is being invested in the web hosting services, but highly value client satisfaction, and ensure that you understand what services are being provided to you, and the best option that is suitable to achieve the business goals.


Web Hosting is associated with the upload of the files that make your business websites, onto a web server by using a local computer. The resources that are required to connect to the server are hard drive space, RAM, and bandwidth relating to the websites that need hosting. The server resources mainly depend on your customized hosting plan that you choose for your business. Thus, you need to understand the functionality and differences between available web hosting plans and choose the most suitable plan for your business website.


Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a single physical server hosts multiple sites. Many users use the resources on a single server to enhance the cost-effectiveness of the hosting service. Every user gets a specific section of the server that will host their website files, through shared hosting. At DWIT, we use the shared servers for the clients, based on their requirements. We ensure that each customer benefits from the features of the shared hosting servers such as monthly traffic, databases, disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts, and many other add-ons.

If the clients require additional system resources from the hosting server, then they are offered a percentage of additional RAM and CPU, as well as the elements such as MySQL server, mail server, and Apache server. The main advantage of considering shared hosting is that it is the most cost-effective web hosting service that allows you to create a digital presence for your visitors. We mainly recommend this hosting service for a small website or blog as they do not require high bandwidth or advanced configuration for their online presence.

VPS (Virtual Private Server): VPS is a popular hosting service that most clients require for their websites. This technological service has a visualization property that offers you the private resources for the hosting requirements of your business website on a single server, which could further be shared by other users for their hosting services as well. This is the most secure and suitable option for those who are looking for a cost-effective shared hosting service, but at the same time require dedicated server space for their website. This option is highly recommended for small or medium-sized business owners, so that they can have their privacy, within their budget rather than renting the entire hosting server for their business.

Dedicated Server: Dedicated hosting refers to the complete ownership of a hosting platform for your business website. This is known as the premium plan as it gives immense power and flexibility for website hosting for your business. You can make any desired changes to the hosting server as per your requirements, without having to comprise the security of your organizational data. We recommend the large-scale companies choose this option, mainly due to the large amount of digital data associated with their business products and services.

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