Social Networking accounts can pose cyber-security and privacy threats to the individual as well as the organisations that they work for if used inappropriately. These accounts contain a huge amount of personal and sensitive information that could be used against you if accessed by an unknown person/hacker. This information can act as a social, organisational, and National threat, thereby causing potential harm to the interests, lives, security, and economic well-being of everyone involved.

The information on your social media and networking accounts might be stored outside the country, and subject to lawful requests by other countries, thereby implying that the Australian legislation or consumer laws might now be able to protect you from any possible threats. Thus, it is extremely important to protect your personal and corporate social networking accounts from any potential threats.

Basic Guidelines to secure your personal social networking accounts

But the main question is how to protect your accounts when you are unsure of the threat? Well, some of the basic tips that you can and need to follow while creating or using your social networking accounts are provided below:

1. Always read and understand the security tips for social media and social networking apps, before creating an account, especially if you are running a business.

2. Choose effective passwords for all your social accounts

3. Create Pins and passphrases that are only known to you

4. Set up multi-factor authentication for your social accounts, so no one else could access your account

5. Secure all your devices, such as computers, phones, laptops, etc., with effective passwords, and pins

6. Enable device encryption to protect personal data stored on your devices

7. Always sign out of social networking accounts after use.

8. Use a secure network connection to access your social networking accounts.

9. Check the privacy permissions carefully when installing new apps on your device.

Basic Guidelines to secure your business accounts

Most of these above-mentioned tips apply to an individual, but how to protect your corporate social networking accounts if you are working in or running a business? Well, some of the tips that you can follow to secure your business accounts have been mentioned below:

a. Ensure that only the authorized users in your business have access to the accounts.

b. Consider any extrajudicial obligations in conflict with Australian law that may apply to your company.

c. Ensure that the users are up-to-date and agree to the organization’s social media usage policies.

d. Ensure that the users are aware of what can and cannot be posted using corporate social networking accounts.

e. Ensure that the users are aware of penalties for posting sensitive or inappropriate information on corporate social networking accounts.

f. Ensure that the users are aware of the consequences of regaining control of hijacked corporate social networking accounts.

g. Ensure that the users’ access to corporate social networking accounts is revoked immediately when it is no longer required.

If you are unsure of the security of your social networking accounts or require any further assistance, feel free to contact one of our experts at Dream World IT Solutions today, and we will guide you through the process in the best possible way.