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RHCSA Certification Training (Red Hat System Administration)

RHCSA online training by Dreamworld is a place where you can learn best and master the concepts of RHCSA at the same time. Our trainers have planned the RHCSA certification training including the necessary topics including Red Hat System Administration, Manage local users, Access the command line, Manage networking, etc. Dreamworld IT is  a leading name and known for the interactive training sessions helping the candidates understand the ground rules with ease.

RHCSA Certification Course Overview

The RHCSA course includes topics mainly managing Linux processes, server analysis, and controlled services, analysing and store logs, etc. This course has gained a reputation recently and all that is due to the rapid demand of the candidates of Skilled Red Hat Certified System Administrator. Any student can grab the opportunity with the completion of the Dream World RHCSA certification training course. We have highly skilled trainers to guide and help prepare to get the certification. We have virtually and in-class options that a candidate can choose from.

RHCSA Certification Course Outline

RHCSA training syllabus is covered under the training plan so that the candidate can accomplish tasks independently: RHCSA training syllabus is covered under the training plan so that the candidate can accomplish tasks independently:


  • Introduction to Linux
  • Linux History
  • Introduction to virtualization
  • Installation of RHEL OS physically or virtually
  • Introduction to GNOME Desktop
  • Introduction to CLI
  • Basic shell commands

Understanding And Using Essential Tools

  • Accessing shell prompt and issue commands using the correct syntax
  • Use input and out redirection
  • Using grep and expressions for text analyzes
  • Remote system access with help of SSH
  • Login and switch users in many targets
  • Archive, compress, unpack and uncompress files with the help of tar, gzip and bzip2
  • Text files creation and editing
  • Create, delete, copy and shift files and directions
  • List, set, and change standard ugo/rwx permissions
  • Read, locate and use system documentation manually using info and files in/usr/share/doc

Operate Running Systems

  • Boot, reboot, and shut down a system normally
  • Suspended the boot process to get access to the system
  • Recognize CPU/memory intensive process and kill processes
  • Initiating, stopping, and checking the network service status
  • Transfer files between systems safely

Organize Local Storage

  • List, create and delete MBR and GPT disk partitions
  • Generating and removing physical volumes
  • Assign physical volumes to volume groups
  • Generating and removing logical volumes
  • Configure systems for file systems mounting at boot by universally unique ID 9UUID) or label
  • Creating new partitions and logical volumes, swap to a system without causing any harm

Creating And Configuring File Systems

  • Create, mount, unmount and use vfat, ext4 and xfs file systems
  • Mount and unmount network file systems using NFS
  • Extend available logical volumes
  • Diagnosing and rectifying file permission problems

Deploy, Configure and Maintain Systems

  • Schedule tasks with help of at and cron
  • Starting and stopping services and configure services for starting automatically when booting
  • Configure systems to boot into a specific target automatically
  • Configure time service clients
  • Installation and update software packages from Red Hat Network, a remote repository, or from any local file system

Manage Basic Networking

  • Configure IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Hostname resolution configuration
  • Configure network services to get started at the time of boot
  • Limiting network access using firewall-cmd/firewall

Managing Users and Groups

  • Creating, deleting, and making changes in local user accounts
  • Password changing and adjusting expiring passwords for local user accounts
  • Create, delete and change the local groups and group memberships
  • Configure superuser access

Manage Security

  • Configure firewall settings using firewall-cmd/firewall
  • Preparing and using file access control lists
  • Configure key-based authentication for SSH
  • Set enforcing and tolerant modes for SELinux
  • List and identify SELinux file and context processing
  • Restore default file contexts
  • Using Boolean settings for modification of system SELinux settings
  • Checking and addressing routine SELinux policy violations
The RHCSA rapid track course combines Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) and Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) that make the task reviews at the acceleration pace. The Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exams include the same. The offering is designed for skilled Linux system administrators.


  • Package management using new depository structure and app flow modules
  • Preparing storage devices, volumes, and file systems like Stratis storage management
  • Configure network services and security
  • Manage users, groups, and authentication
  • Managing process, schedules, and tuning
  • Doing server management using Cockpit web management utility
  • Troubleshoot and get support
  • Run containers
  • Getting certification creates the skill path and offers you on-demand opportunities

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