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With the expert Office 365 & Office 365 consulting in Gold Coast and Brisbane, DWIT helps in mapping the business needs of the companies to their goals and requirements, thereby offering suitable solutions. Our experts prepare customised products and services for the clients, including consulting support on the implementation, user acceptance, and development of Office 365 solutions.

DWIT offers their clients an all-inclusive Office 365 consulting service that provides versatile in-house and remote alliances within your enterprise, along with strong cloud hosting solutions depending on the Office 365 features that you choose. Some of the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 applications are mobile-friendly and can be helpful for business.

If you wish to learn about the advantages of cloud services or want to know the suitable digital tools for your business, then contact one of our experts at DWIT Solutions today.

How Our Office 365 Consulting Can Help Your Business?

Office 365 and Microsoft 365 applications can make drastic changes to the success of your business. Some of the advantages of implementing these applications for your business have been mentioned below.

Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular software suites in the world, with over 1.5 billion current users around the world. Choosing Office 365 from DWIT enhances the performance of the business processes, then using spreadsheet editing and word processing.
Both Office 365 and Microsoft 365 are powerful and professional-looking platforms, which increases your brand recognition and market value. With the extensive calendaring feature of Outlook from DWIT, the time management and collaboration of employees at your organisation becomes much more efficient.
With Office 365 and Microsoft 365, the services and apps are connected to a wider web as well as to each other. Thus, you would require fewer human resources, which would further save you time, and facilitate teamwork through online meetings, team chat, co-authoring, sharing files, group emails, etc.
We are offering core apps of Microsoft 365 that are popular for businesses, as they provide the basic tools for the management of regular organisational data, communication, or creating documents. Similarly, Office 365 has its own set of intelligent tools to improve work efficiency.
With the various features of Office 365 and Microsoft 365, managing work from home becomes extremely easy. With cloud storage and mobile apps in Office 365, one can work anytime from anywhere, as it allows secure access to the content, meetings, tasks, and schedules from any device.
Data security is the main concern for every organisation throughout the world. We ensure your data security using Office 365 and Microsoft 365, as it has layered security measures, boosted data monitoring, privacy protection, and a 99.9% up-time service level agreement.


Microsoft Office has been offering productivity tools to the computer for almost three decades. The subscription level for Microsoft 365 and Office 365, that you choose for your business from DWIT Solution, will provide a clear explanation of what applications or services will be available to you. A list of services that we offer our clients, through Microsoft 365 and Office 365 is mentioned below.

  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • SharePoint
  • Exchange
  • Skype for Business
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Teams

Getting Office 365-subscription comes with 1 TB of OneDrive storage, that you can use for Business or Personal Cloud Storage.

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Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel are the basic requirements and features that must be available within a computer. Anyone with a computer might also have sent an email through Outlook or done a voice or video call on Skype. Millions of businesses today depend on the Microsoft 365 tools for communication, creating documents, and balancing their business process documents, etc. Most of these activities can be managed through Office 365.

  • To get Office 365, you must buy a subscription for the same. A monthly subscription fee is needed to get access to the service rather than getting a one-time and upfront cost to buy a copy. Owning a subscription provides you access to the latest version of the platform, as it is updated by Microsoft.
  • We recommend our clients buy a subscription for Office 365, as it comes with the cloud-first application. The desktop version of the applications is available with various plans, that are mainly designed to operate online. Thus, every data, application, and service by Office 365 is hosted on Microsoft’s servers.
  • A major benefit of the platforms is that you do not need to install any additional software or hardware to run them. Office 365 comes with cloud storage space, and email hosting, so that the users get a chance to host their files online. After that, they can access it whenever or wherever they want.
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