CCNP Certification Training

CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional)

Cisco Certified Network Professional security authorizes the featured knowledge and skills needed to secure Cisco networks. With a CCNP security certification, the professional exhibits the necessary skills for securing and managing the network infrastructure by alleviating threats, and managing network infrastructures for better productivity and all that done with less burden to pocket.

CCNP Course Overview

When you become a certified CCNP training for routing and surfing, then can able to work in the IT networking domain and get a new experience. With Cisco, which is a high-value enterprise solution provider and certifications and the same give  a new bloom to your career as an IT professional. The examination plan is distributed in two main features. First, is the core examination and second is there for the specialization exams in the CCNP certifications for what specialization you pick from. The specialization exam is more specific and you should have better industry-related knowledge about network design, wireless, automation, and many more.

CCNP Course Outline

Module 1 – Planning for Routing Services as over requirements

  • Make access to the complex enterprise network requirements
  • Preparation of implanting plan and required documentation
  • Lab 1–1 Debrief

Module 3 – Executing a scalable wide or multi-networking OSPF based Solution

  • Planning and routing execution with OSPF as the Scalable Routing Protocol
  • Plan for OSPF Packet Progression work
  • Better routing performance in a Complex Enterprise Network
  • Configure and verify OSPF Route summary
  • Lab 3–3 Debrief
  • Configure and verify OSPF special area types
  • Lab 3–4 Debrief
  • Configure and verify OSPF authentication
  • Lab 3–5 Debrief

Module 5 – Implementing Path Control

  • Access to Path Control Network Performance issues
  • Lab 5–1 debrief
  • References to additional Path control in e-learning

Module 2 – Implementing an EIGRP Supported Solution

  • Plan to implement Routing with EIGRP
  • Executing and verifying basic EIGRP for the enterprise LAN architecture
  • Lab 2–1 Debrief
  • Configure and verification of EIGRP for Enterprise WAN Architecture
  • Lab 2–2 Debrief
  • Execution and verification of EIGRP Authentication
  • Lab 2–3 Debrief
  • Upgraded EIGRP features suitable for Enterprise Network
  • Lab 2–4 Debrief

Module 4 – Executing an IPv4- Based Rearrangement Solution

  • Access Network routing performance and security solutions
  • Network operations using various IP routing protocols
  • Constituting and verify Route redistribution
  • Lab 4–1 Debrief

Module 6 – Joining an enterprise Network to an ISP Network

  • Placing the enterprise to ISP connection
  • Reflecting on the positives of using BGP
  • A quick comparison of functions and Uses of EBGP and IBGP
  • Configure and verify key BGP operations
  • Lab 6–1 Debrief
  • Employing the BGP attributes and path selection process
  • Lab 6–2 debrief
  • Referring to IPv6 and implementing remote access connectivity in e-learning
Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching certification authenticate the planning ability, implementation, verification, and troubleshooting of the local and wide-area enterprise networks. It works mutually along with specialists done advanced security and make sure to offer error-free voice, video, and wireless solutions. The CCNP routing and switching certification are helpful for those having at least one year of networking experience. This course will help sharpen the skills and then can handle complex solutions autonomously.

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Why Choose Cisco CCNP Training Certification?

Having the Cisco CCNP certifications is proof you have mastered the skills and knowledge for preparing plans, executing plans successfully, verify and dealing with issues related to any local and huge enterprise network. It will enhance your market credibility and get better job opportunities. This way you can work in collaboration with experts for better security, voice, wireless, and video solutions. With CCNP Routing and Switching, one can establish the skills necessary to have for fulfilling the enterprise roles like an engineer, support engineer, system engineer, or network technician. By Dreamworld IT

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