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CCNA Security Training (Cisco Certifies Training Network Associate) Australia

CCNA Security Training (Cisco Certified Training Network Associate) Australia.The Cisco CCNA Security Certification makes the IT professionals skilled to handle the network security, including Security administrations, Network Security Specialists, and Network Security Support Engineers. Dream world offer virtual and physical courses for candidates in Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia who require obtaining certification. We are offering Australian based CCNA Security Cisco certified network associate training and certification with the Dreamworld.

CCNA Security Course Overview

With the CCNA Security course, one can achieve the entry-level skills required to create security communications, inspect the threats, network susceptibility, and alleviate the security threats. After achieving the certification, one can get skills of installing, troubleshooting, and supervising the network devices so that no harm is done to the reliability, secrecy, and data availability and devices used by Cisco for security infrastructure.

As the requirement of CCNA security certification, a candidate should have Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician Certification. With the certification, the concept cover is recounting and listing improvement methods for common network attacks in case of any virus worm or for Trojan horse attack. This is also considered the self-defending network architecture and it saves the Cisco routers, with the help of SDM Security Audit feature, with a one-step lockdown feature in SDM to save Cisco router, saves administrative access to Cisco routers with help of strong encrypted passwords. This safeguard the Cisco routers with a configuration of several privilege levels and saves the administrative access to Cisco routers with configuration-based CLI.

CCNA Security Training Course Outline

CCNA Security credential offers the hands-on skills and experience to the candidates and so they can install, deal troubles and keeps an eye on the security service is and look and remove the peripheral equipment. The CCNA security certificate holders should have the required skills for becoming network security specialists and security administrators. The outline of the CCNA security certificate includes

Step 1- Network Security Concepts

  • Understanding principles of network security
  • Create a secure network
  • Shielding the perimeter
  • Labs performed- constructing passwords, limit down the number of failed login attempts and set down the inactive on login timer, configure the privilege level, preparing the command- line interface views, safeguarding protector files, and configure privilege levels with the help of Cisco SDM

Step 2—AAA, Defending Routers and Switches

  • Configure AAA
  • Saving the Router
  • Protecting Layer 2 devices
  • Labs performed- Creating AAA, configuring AAA Authentication on serial interfaces, configure TACACS+, Configure RADIUS, Explaining AAA Servers, Constructing AutoSecure, Configure Syslog Logging with Cisco SDM, and Configure SNMP with Cisco SDM, Configure NTP with Cisco SDM, Configure SSH with Cisco SDM, Safeguard from STP Attack, Port Security Configuration, creating Syslog support, Configure Secure Shell (SSH), Construct and monitor IEEE 802.1x, configure Cisco IOS Firewall, Application of ACLs to the Router Interface, Saving IP Spoofing with ACLs, Limit down ICMP traffic with ACLs, Configure ACLs to Filter Router Service Traffic, Configure ACLs for VTY filtering, SNMP Servicer filter, and RIPv2 Route Filter

Step 3-Securing SAN, VOICE, and Defending Networks

  • Providing SAN Security
  • Exploring Secure Voice Solutions
  • Using Cisco IOS Firewall for Defending the Network
  • Using Cisco IOS IPS for Securing the Network
  • Labs Performed- Configuring Site to site IPsec, Configure Connection settings, selecting an IKE proposal, selecting a Transform Set, selecting traffic to protect in the IPsec tunnel, using the generating configuration and configuration monitoring.

Step 4-Extension of Security and Availability

  • Preparing a Cryptographic Solution
  • Apply Digital Signatures
  • Labs Performed- Configure Site-to-Site IPsec and Configure Connection Settings

Step 5-Cryptography and VPNs

  • Exploring PKI and Asymmetric Encryption
  • Creating a site-to-site IPsec VPN Solution
  • Labs Performed- Selection of IKE proposal, choosing a Transform set, choosing traffic to protect in the IPsec Tunne, application the generated configuration, and monitoring configuration

With a CCNA security certificate, we help students prepare for the application of the Cisco IOS Network security certification exam (640–554) leading to the Cisco CCNA Security certification. When a candidate is certified with the CCNA Security, then you can display the skills necessary for developing security infrastructure, keep an eye on security threats and vulnerabilities and deal with security threats.


For getting the CCNA Security certification, candidates should pass the exams:
Implement Cisco Network Security Exam 210–260. One can get registered with the certification exam and attempt that within the period of 3 months of module completion at the training center of Dream World during normal business hours.

Getting CCNA Security certification offers you various career benefits and you can perform your duties as

    • Network Engineer
    • Manager
    • Specialist and Administrator
    • Security Analyst
    • Security Engineer
    • Network security technicians

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