The term “Think before you Link” has been coined by the Australian Cyber Security Centre to indicate the consequences of cybersecurity, to raise awareness towards the threat of malicious social media profiles, and to educate the public about the signs of a nasty online approach. So, what does this term actually mean?

The term is purposely created to be as simple as it could so that it could be understood by everyone who surfs the internet and is online. It is very clear from the term that it implies to think and pause before you connect to an unknown profile online or post something that might be accessible to an unknown person.

Anything that you post online without knowing of the possible consequences or threats, could be accessed by your enemies, competitors, or even worse foreign spies, who could use the information to identify and track you.

So, who is prone to Cybersecurity threats?

To keep it extremely simple, anyone who is online is prone to cybersecurity threats. Not everyone online is highly educated and/or knows about the consequences of digital threats, except for the cybersecurity experts.  Especially in the current technological era, social media and online networking have completely changed the way we connect with our friends or build our professional networks.

Even though social media has provided us with an easy alternative to going out, spending several hours to meet someone new, it also poses a significant security risk, if we are not cautious. Additionally, the security of your online profile is not only linked to you but also to your family, friends, colleagues, employer, and even your nation. So, an ordinary or seemingly harmless post from your account could pose a threat to everyone linked to you.

How to protect your social profile from possible cybersecurity threats?

There is plenty of information and advice available online, relating to the correct use and security of your social accounts. But the important thing to ask yourself is if that information is valid and accurate?

The first thing to note is that you must always read and learn about cyber security from a trusted website. This could be the official website of your state or National Government or an organization that is known for its cyber security solutions. However, some of the basic tips that you need to follow while creating or using your social media accounts are provided in our blog about TIPS TO PROTECT YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKING ACCOUNTS.

If you still feel lost, have any query regarding the possible cybersecurity threats on your social networking accounts, and are thinking about hiring an expert to help you protect your personal or business accounts, feel free to contact one of our experts today at Dream World IT Solutions. We are a team of leading experts who are highly qualified and experienced to help you protect your social networking accounts from any possible cybersecurity threats.